Frequently Asked Questions

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a confidential relationship that is built between you and a licensed psychologist or licensed therapist. This relationship is established to help you explore problem areas in your life and discover solutions. Solutions may come from changing the way you think, changing the way you feel about things,situations, or relationships, or changing the way you behave. Counseling is a place where you can talk about emotional concerns, uncover unhealthy patterns, and learn new ways to cope with life’s difficulties.

If desired, your spiritual beliefs and faith can also be a focus in counseling and incorporated in the solutions for your life.

How does “talking” to someone help?

Many times in life, people withhold certain thoughts and feelings in an effort to avoid conflict or to provide themselves with a sense of peace. However, avoiding emotions may only provide a temporary state. Avoidance of emotions may affect daily functioning and relationships with others. “Talking” can help one explore unresolved issues from the past or present. Talking can give expression to worries about the future. The process of therapy can aid in resolving conflict, discovering a true sense of peace, and uncover issues which provoke negative emotions or negative self-perceptions. Talking with someone can feel vulnerable but learning how to deal with that negative feeling can be the first step in learning how to effectively deal with other negative emotions in life. In a lot of ways, the therapy relationship is “practice” for real life because it often mirrors how we relate to one another in the real world.

Am I “crazy” or unstable if I need counseling?

Absolutely not! Everyone can benefit from having another person listen and understand. Talking to someone who is not a family member, friend, or pastor is o.k. and “normal.” Counseling offers the opportunity to discuss personal issues with someone who can listen without judgment or disapproval. Counseling also provides the ability for couples or family members to work through conflict in a fair and cooperative manner. A therapist can listen with an objective, unbiased perspective. Counseling can allow you the freedom to explore issues that you may not feel comfortable sharing with others in your life.

What can I expect when I go in for therapy?

On an initial visit you can expect to come to the office 15 minutes prior to a scheduled appointment to complete necessary paperwork. You will need to bring your insurance card (if you have insurance) and your co-pay or payment for the services. When you meet with your therapist for the first visit, he or she will take notes documenting your need for services, some background information, as well as your goals for therapy. You will have the opportunity to ask the therapist any questions you have and feel free to let him or her know what your expectations are for the therapy process. If you feel comfortable with the clinician and he/she determines that they have the ability to meet your needs and expectations, you will have an opportunity to schedule further sessions.

If you are a parent looking for services for your child, usually you will attend (sit-in) the first session with your child, or a therapist may suggest an initial session without your child, depending on the presenting problem. Either one or both parents can attend.

When I call for an appointment, what information do you need from me?

When you call either the Exton or Paoli office for an appointment, it would be helpful if you have information about your insurance benefits when you call. If you have insurance, call your insurance carrier and ask the following questions: 1. Am I covered for outpatient mental health services? 2. Do I have a deductible to meet? If so, how much is it? 3. What is my co-pay? 4. How many visits am I allowed?

The only additional information you will need when you call is your insurance ID# and your availability.



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